Please consider making a donation today to ensure gray foxes and all wildlife continue to live alongside us on our beautiful land.

The Urban Wildlife Research Project is a 501(c)3; EIN: 47-2341365. Donations are deductible to the extent the law allows. If you donate by credit card through this site you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. If you mail us a check for $100 or more, we will mail you a tax receipt.

Urban Wildlife Research Project
PO Box 5517

Redwood City, CA 94063

Dear Friends of Wildlife,

Many of you are familiar with the nonprofit 501 (C) (3) Urban Wildlife Research Project’s groundbreaking work to document the behavior and protect habitat for gray foxes living near the shores of the San Francisco Bay on what’s known as the “Peninsula.”

Sadly, shrinking habitat led to the decimation of the total population of 25 gray foxes in 2016. Through our project, we are documenting areas that need habitat refurbishing, discovering areas where inbreeding is taking place, and taking action to rebuild the corridors and linkages along the bay.

We need your help to ensure our important study continues so that these foxes and other area wildlife have a future.

Wildlife needs adequate room in which to live and raise their young.  We are actively coordinating with other wildlife groups to identify, preserve and link wildlife corridors along the west coast of the San Francisco Bay so that our collective natural heritage may endure for generations to come. The gray fox populations and their habitat are a vital link in the interdependency of wildlife populations.

Please consider making a gift today to insure gray foxes and all wildlife continue to live alongside us on our beautiful land.

Please give as generously as you can. Whether you give $50 or $5,000 it all matters!

With gratitude for your support and
wishing you happy trails this season,

Bill Leikam – The Fox Guy
CEO & President
Urban Wildlife Research Project


We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support of CuriOdyssey and The National Wildlife Federation in addition to private foundations that make our work possible. We appreciate all donations, regardless of the amount!